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Clear sound with Bose 301 Direct/Reflecting speaker system

The stereo speaker system Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting is the best choice because that has a bring clear, spacious sound to your music, movies and other multimedia sounds. With advanced Bose technologies, you have power of a live performance and a perfect audition.

301 Direct-ReflectingList of features:

  • Each speaker box has one 8″ speaker and 2 tweeters (one in front and another in back)
  • Long-excursion woofer (8″)
  • Stereo Targeting tweeters
  • One rear-firing tweeter (2″)
  • Compact bookshelf design
  • Designed for live performance
  • Home theater expansion capable
  • Flared slot port design
  • Optional accessories

301 Direct-Reflecting1Technology:

  • Direct/Reflecting speaker
  • Stereo Everywhere speaker performance
  • Spatial Dispersion speaker lens
  • Automatic protection circuitry
  • Syncom computer tested

For anyone who need a good speaker system with live and home theater capabilities, this is one of the best solution.

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