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Dj Bass Alliance – Bass Sound Off Woofer Test


Bass Sound Off Woofer Test / Woofer Test-808xs

File: Dj Bass Alliance – Bass Sound Off Woofer Test .mp3 ~ 4.15 MB

Bit Rate: 320 Kbps

Lenght: 00:02:54

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  1. I keep seeing people who are talking about their logitech 5.1 systems. I just wanted to say something about some of the comments i saw,

    Spreadsheet Ninja: the reason it drops off is because those subs are put in boxes that arent designed to really resonate at lower waves.

  2. Sorry it cut out so i didnt get to finish my comment.

    Alex: Your sub can play lower but you prollydont hear it or its just that its not turned up enough.

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