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Jean Marie Reynaud Cantabile Supreme, a new step to performance

Last week i’v seen this new speakers in a specialized exibition and i was very pleased about the sound and the shape of this product. JM Reynaud is a small french company wich made  great and apreciated speakers.


The follow characteristics is important when you pick-up this product.

Impedance 4 ohm
Frequency response 35-22000 Hz
Power Handling 90 Watts
Peak power 170 Watts
Sensitivity 91 dB/W/M ( 2.83 volts )
Distorsion Less than 0.6% (84 dB level)
Connections Mono wiring or bi-wiring
Dimensions H:40,5″ L:8″ D:12
Bi-Amplification Passif Mode


JMR-Catabile-Supreme_3 JMR-Catabile-Supreme_2

JMR Cantabile Supreme speakers is one of the best speakers in JM Reynaud portofolio and is available in many colors from natural or stained cherry to satin varnish laker.

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