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Powerful NAD T977 Amplifier


If you love action movie with surround-sound or live concerts, this is possible with immersive soundfield of the NAD T 977.

The T 977 is a powerful amplifier and is ready to respond instantly to any theatrical content demand – or musical demand too, and for that he keep doing it without complaint or a hint of distortion.

x745T977-FHe is powered with its massive Holmgren toroidal power supply transformer, and T 977 can provide 140 watts per channel into 8 ohms (20-20 kHz at 0.03% THD) of clean, instantly available power to  7-channel fully-independent. With NAD Soft Clippin technology, switchable at rear panel and PowerDrive circuitry from each channel with Level Controls who operates fully independently to eliminate inter-channel interference and noise.

x745T977-BOther features for T977 is signal-to-noise ratio at 96 dB, connectivity with gold-plated RCA inputs, gold-plated binding post speaker terminals, and speaker connectors from five-way. Power trigger input at  12-volt DC and detachable power cord.

Dimensions of NAD T977 is width 17-1/8 inches, height 7-11/16 inches, depth 18-3/4 inches and weight 71.2 pounds. NAD offer warranty of this amplifier of 3 years.

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