SubWoofer and Bass Test: Magnat

Car Audio Subwoofer Magnat Active Reflex 300 A

Magnat Active Reflex 300 A is a car audio subwoofer active with principle 1 x 12″ (30 cm) powered bass-reflex speaker bass The speaker 12″ woofer has high-performance magnet system and 2″ double voice coil with 200 max watts amplifier unit. Other specifications for Reflex 300 A: volume control continuously …

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Auto Subwoofer Magnat ADR 130 BP

Auto Subwoofer Magnat ADR 130 BP,  is a bass system with principle / DIN Ø  12″ bandpass subwoofer, power handling 800/ 2000 watts, impedance 2×4 ohms, frequency response 19 – 250 Hz, sound pressure level 93 d B and a weight of 26 Kg. Design of  Magnat ADR 130 BP has …

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Magnat MA 400 for connoisseurs

Magnat MA 400, is an amplifier stereo hi-fi for connoisseurs in audio sphere. The MA 400 is an integrated amplifier and has an incorporating a tube preamplifier  with ECC88 double triodes, and the power amplifier with special audio IC and a phono input for moving magnet pickup systems. Design of …

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