SubWoofer and Bass Test: new professional equipment

Marantz HD-DAC1 headphones amplifier

The new model HD-DAC1 from Marantz, is one of the best audio headphone amplifiers on the market, ideal for demanding users that provides a sound at the highest standards. HD-DAC1 uses high quality components and provides the user with great sound as well as all series of products from Marantz. …

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BEHRITONE C50A Studio Monitors

Behringer is one of the most respected brands in the professional audio lines and BEHRITONE C50A is a benchmark for all those who want a quality product that satisfies the most demanding users. New BEHRITONE C50A is a studio monitor with a high resolution active power of 30W. It is …

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New AX-series Adam Audio monitors

ADAM Audio offers a wide range of monitors in the new series AX for different applications. The new AX-Series monitors provide value and are indicated in recording studios, but also for high quality acoustic environment at home. Among the innovations included in this new range of loudspeakers mention bevelled edges …

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TOA HX-5 Best shows speakers

Many of you will wonder what speakers see a concert by our favorite star or an outdoor show in your town. One of the most popular speaker systems preferred by the organizers of these showcases are from TOA Electronics. TOA HX-5 is a speaker system dispersed propagane arc for better …

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JBL PRX400 professional series, the new way of performance

JBL PRX400 is passive speakers were designed to provide the sensitivity, frequency response and power handling needed for almost any professional audio environment while still being reasonably priced. Whether you use a powered mixer or an equipment rack full of amps and signal processing, PRX400 passive speakers deliver the sound …

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