SubWoofer and Bass Test: professional audio systems

Clear sound with Bose 301 Direct/Reflecting speaker system

The stereo speaker system Bose 301 Series V Direct/Reflecting is the best choice because that has a bring clear, spacious sound to your music, movies and other multimedia sounds. With advanced Bose technologies, you have power of a live performance and a perfect audition. List of features: Each speaker box …

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Audio Integrated Amplifier MARANTZ PM6004

The new PM6004 Integrated Amplifier gives you the best combination of power and finesse in a luxurious package. The PM6004 offers up all of the detail and harmonic balance that Marantz is famous for and adds control options that insure easy integration with today’s systems. PM6004 have 5 line inputs …

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Let The Bass Drop

It’s a new sound for test professional audio systems. Let The Bass Drop – Demo Version (01:20 / 192kbps / MP3) Download Sound Woofer-Bass Test Audio File (Let The Bass Drop) : N/A “Let The Bass Drop” is just a preview version.

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Woofer & Bass – Track-01 – Bass Test.mp3

Track 01 is one of the hottest bass & Woofer test files, professional audio systems. You should not start the sound file, without initially set a minimum volume. May cause substantial damage to the PC audio system or the car. PLAY Sub-Woofer & Bass Test for PC & car speakers. …

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