SubWoofer and Bass Test: Sub-Woofer Audio Systems

Auto Subwoofer Magnat ADR 130 BP

Auto Subwoofer Magnat ADR 130 BP,  is a bass system with principle / DIN Ø  12″ bandpass subwoofer, power handling 800/ 2000 watts, impedance 2×4 ohms, frequency response 19 – 250 Hz, sound pressure level 93 d B and a weight of 26 Kg. Design of  Magnat ADR 130 BP has …

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JBL LS 120P Subwoofer Interior

For those who want a quality subwoofer can choose the solution offered by JBL called LS 120P.   JBL  LS 120P is a subwoofer interior powerful and front-firing powered subwoofer with 300mm (12″) Low-frequency transducer, 400-Watts-RMS high-output and high-efficiency amplifier. LS 120P has a  design with high-quality cabinet with beautifully …

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Multi Frequencies – Very Low Bass Test

WARNING! Before giving play this file, you need to know that it contains several different low frequency sounds, which may destroy the audio system. It is recommended to test only professional audio systems. If you notice that the audio system does not handle the first level test, stop the sound. …

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