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धन्यवाद – मैं बिग प्रस्तुतकर्ता प्यार

विज्ञापन की

केवल बड़े वक्ताओं के लिए बास टेस्ट. Hight परिभाषा ध्वनि.


फ़ाइल: एमपी 3 संयुक्त स्टीरियो – THX प्रमाणित / I Love Big Speakers.mp3

बिट दर: 128 केबीपीएस

लंबाई: 00:04:25

विज्ञापन की
बास, पेशेवर साउंड सिस्टम के लिए वूफर और SUBWOOFER टेस्ट
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22 टिप्पणियाँ

  1. अच्छा, i turned up my speakers and subs in my apt. and not 2min later i had a dude who looked at me like WTF?!?! जबरदस्त हंसी, he wasn’t upset he just wondered where the heck the vibrations and bass was coming from ;)

  2. I’m scared that I’m going to bring the building down things are shaking so badly!

    I LOVE IT~!

  3. holy crap i 4 got to plug in ma woofers and i had ma speakers on they started smokin but were still goin it waz lik an awesome theater effect

  4. yo its tight how do i down load this beat

  5. Hey! I own the logitech Z5500 it’s great 5.1 sound systeme. But you know in the really low bass frequences i can not hear anything! it’s just Impossible! Great test!

  6. GeremGold i got the Z5500 aswell mate plays everything and i can hear everything on mine check ur settings mate! cheers

  7. i have z5500 and i hear everything, nice test..!

  8. how do i get this beat on i tunes

  9. how do i get this on my itunes

  10. GeremGold and Sawasmad
    i f***en hate you, those are the speakers i want lol
    this sounds good just on my X-540’s and G51’s, running them both at the same time.
    जबरदस्त हंसी
    good job with the track

  11. anyone that wants this track or any others, just add me on msn, and i’ll send you whatever ones you want.


  12. nice music ,can i got it

  13. how do you download???? only links to play, not download

  14. Z5500 and my head hurts
    i hope all the 5500 owners outthere know that you have 12 Boost-Levels after you reach max volume
    just spin the weel 360° and crush your walls with 12 new levels… :डी

  15. My noise isolating blackberry headphones are hurting my ears. No joke they have more bass than 2 12 cerven vegas.

  16. I have MTX JackHummer
    RMS Power : 6000डब्ल्यू
    Max Power : 12000डब्ल्यू
    व्यास : 56से.मी (22’’)
    व्यास : 56से.मी (22’’)

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