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Bass Outlaws bassi illegale

Outlaws Illegal BassStereo Bass Extreme Woofer Test

File: Bass Outlaws bassi illegale – Stereo Bass Extreme Woofer Test.mp3

Formato: mp3

Bit Rate: 128 kbps

Lunghezza: 00:01:46

Stereo Bass Extreme Woofer Test

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11 Commenti

  1. sounds great really made the car shake with my 2 1000w kenwood subs linked to 2000w amp

  2. my MIND says it’s MIND AND SPEAKERS B L O W I N G

  3. my head almost blew upI like it!

  4. LOL i tried this on my crappy built in laptop speakers and all it sounded like was clicking :P

  5. can anyone send me this song??? ID: west.smoke

  6. can anyone send me this song??? ID: west.smoke pls

  7. is it really good?

  8. scaricare?? need it on my car!!

  9. LOVE this shit you need a download so i can do some demos for some people that would be amazing dude nice test btw

    2001 Chevy Tahoe
    Mac Mini / 10.2″ Touchscreen
    Pioneer P710 Bluetooth Headunit
    4 18″ Ascendant Audio SMD Subwoofers
    10 Rockford Fosgate 6.5
    2 Rockford Fosgate 8
    2 Rockford Fosgate 4
    12 Rockford Fosgate 1
    8 Rockford Fosgate T2500.1 bdCP (Spigola) (2 amps on each sub)
    2 Rockford Fosgate T1000.4 (Midbass/Midrange)
    1 Rockford Fosgate T600.2 (Tweeters)
    2 Rockford Fosgate 3sixty.2 Processors
    4 350 Amp Mechman Alternators
    10 XS Power D3100 Batteries
    Second Skin Sound Deadened Top to Bottom
    Viper 5901 Security
    Ridetech Shockwave Titanium Suspension
    Wilwood 6 piston 16Caliper Brakes
    DJM and Spohn Control Arms
    MeadecherryPaint by Roy Devore
    ….and more

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