Pink Noise banda limitata (400 Hz 2.5 KHz)


A new high quality sound check for pink noise (band limited) level calibration. Pink Noise banda limitata (400 Hz 2.5 KHz) Bit rate: 320kbps Lunghezza: 00:01.03 Download MP3 File N/A Pink noise is acoustical energy distributed uniformly by octave throughout the audio spectrum (the range of human hearing, approximately 20 Hz 20 kHz). […]

La scienza del suono (Bassa frequenza audio di prova) – 320kbps remixato


This is a new insane audio test sound for low frequencies. Just listenthe science of soundremixed. Low frequency audio test for professional audio systems.   Download this sound. You can copy this file on a USB / CD / DVD & play on your car audio system. N/A Length: 00:00:41 Bitrate: 320kbps Size: […]

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