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Obrovský. – Nové XD zosilňovače


JL Audio has released a new amazing XD Amplifier.



Amazingly small in size, ale huge in audio performance, the JL Audio XD amplifiers are the perfect solution for space-conscious installations or for anyone seeking affordable excellence in a mobile amplifier.

JL Audio’s exclusive NexD™ switching technology achieves total amplifier efficiencies exceeding 80%, which means far less heat and less strain on your vehicle’s electrical system than a conventional large amplifier. This efficiency advantage, combined with state-of-the-art microelectronic components allows us to use very compact unitary cast alloy heat sinks. As with their more expensive HD siblings, XD’s also deploy our Advanced Thermal Rollback System to completely eliminate annoying thermal shut-down events.

Beneath every XD’s removable control cover, you will find studio-grade signal processing with fully variable crossover filters. Also included are our noise-killing, highly flexible differential-balanced inputs with remote level control capabilities via the HD-RLC remote level control (optional).

Some might just see a small amplifier… ale, for those who appreciate great audio, XD’s reveal something huge.

Advanced NexD™

Monoblock Zosilňovač Subwoofer
2/3/4 Channel Amplifier
3/4/5/6 Channel Amplifier

All models are available on Read technical book before you make a choice.

BASS, WOOFER & SUBWOOFER TEST pre profesionálne zvukové systémy
    jlオーディオ hdアンプ 口コミ, JL xd アンプ, jl XD400 功放, aplikovať pt.tlf.LG.KU990, JL-HD-RLC, jlオーディオ hdアンプ口コミ,

Tiež skontrolujte,

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  1. I’ll be very thankful to you if you would let me know if there is a download link of these waves and speaker test tones.

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