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Bass Performance

Rebel Science (Ultra Low Computer Mini Mix)

This file will help to test audio / sound performance for car audio systems or home audio systems. Rebel Science (Ultra Low Computer Mix) – Audio Test File properties: Audio: Bit rate – 128 kbps Data: File size – 1.37 MB Length – 00:01:29 Adobe Soundbooth CS4 We are tested …

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Sound Bass Test Operator #1

This is the first track form series Bass Operator. I try to get the best sound for testing various audio systems. Bass Test Operator #1 – Subwoofer & Bass Test Before listening to this track, you announce that you must be very careful. It can destroy your woofer sound system …

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Room acoustics have an enormous impact on the sound of speakers, including subwoofers. A phenomenon called “standing waves” makes bass response uneven from place to place in your room. To experience this for yourself, put on a CD with a strong, consistent bass line. Notice how the volume of the …

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Subwoofer Adjustments

Position and adjustments are interactive so every time you move your subwoofer, you need to readjust the sub volume, low pass filter and phase (polarity). When properly adjusted, you won’t "hear" the subwoofer at all. It will sound like your main speakers are making all the sound- except with a …

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