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Bass Test

Cyber Bass Test 1002 – Subwoofer Speakers

Cyber Woofer & Bass 1002 is a new our Bass Test Compilation for testing high-fidelity audio systems. During listening, you can set your audio systems to get as good quality sound in your car or room. Cyber Woofer & Bass 1002 File Type: MP3 Format Sound (.mp3) Size: 3.83 MB …

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A sound that will cause vibrations stronger than the car engine. We tested the sound on a Kenwood audio system, whose performance are not ignored. Kenwood KFC-W112S + KAC-6104 + BOX + AMP KIT Kenwood 12″ 800 watt subwoofer. Kenwood Mono Block 600 watt Bass Amplifier. Bass box. Amp Wiring …

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Multi Frequencies – Very Low Bass Test

WARNING! Before giving play this file, you need to know that it contains several different low frequency sounds, which may destroy the audio system. It is recommended to test only professional audio systems. If you notice that the audio system does not handle the first level test, stop the sound. …

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Audio Bass Check – PC & Car Speakers

Bass test for audio systems. PC & car speakers. This .mp3 file is at very low frequencies. This file will help you set performance audio systems. We recommend you have not given a maximum volume on speakers during the tests. File: Audio Bass Check Length: 00:02:46 Bit rate: 128 kbps …

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