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Audio Integrated Amplifier MARANTZ PM6004


The new PM6004 Integrated Amplifier gives you the best combination of power and finesse in a luxurious package. The PM6004 offers up all of the detail and harmonic balance that Marantz is famous for and adds control options that insure easy integration with today’s systems. PM6004 have 5 line inputs and 2 line outputs insure connectivity with all your cherished source components and there’s an all-discrete moving magnet phono stage for your turntable too!

Sound Quality

  • 45wpc (at 8 ohm) / 60wpc (at 4 ohm)
  • Current Feedback Amplifier Topology
  • Toroidal Transformer
  • High quality Custom Components
  • Gold Plated Speaker Terminals
  • Gold Plated Input and Output Connectors


  • Speaker A/B
  • Phono (MM) input
  • Support for 5 Line Inputs and 2 Line Outputs
  • IEC type detachable power cord
  • RC5 Input and Output
  • Bass and Treble control
  • New Loudness Circuit
  • Source Direct Mode
  • Balance Control

This amplifier is a perfect choice for users who need a good sound quality and good price.

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  1. I’ve seen a lot of new amplifiers. D, AB, recently E classes, but a thing let’s me a little bored.

    Why is so difficult have a good quality with big power? I’ve seed good quality amplfiers, not cheap too, but no more than 100WRMS


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