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Bass Songs – THX Subwoofer Test

Bass Songs – THX Subwoofer Test (high quality) – 3 Types Of Bass


File: Bass Songs – THX Subwoofer Test – 3 Types Of Bass.mp3 ~ 4.15 MB

Bit Rate: 128 Kbps

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  1. wow!!awesome,8 almost kills my dog!!more low bass plss~!!!!

  2. Here is the link to this one: (Right Click -> “Save As”)

    http://wooferbasstest.com/audio/Bass Songs- THX Subwoofer Test – 3 Types Of Bass.mp3

  3. Sorry:

    http://wooferbasstest.com/audio/Bass Songs-THX SubwooferTest-3TypesOfBass.mp3

  4. Please sent to me this file
    THX Subwoofer Test – 3 Types Of Bass.mp3 ~ 4.15 MB

  5. how to download the thx subwoofer test sound above?…..

  6. for all internet illiterate pepole who dont know how to find free music type song name+media fire in google then search or filestube
    or free music online. GOOD LUCK!

  7. how can i download this? and do you have a music for full range test in thx format also?

  8. I like how this is a “high quality” test when its in MP3 format. Couldnt get anything with lossless compression

  9. lun

  10. super song

  11. How the download song..?in playing woofer system in car..?
    which song are playing in car woofer system…?plz give me this site

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