Baile / Tástáil Bass / Tástáil turais subwoofer – RABHADH LOW BASS!

Tástáil turais subwoofer – RABHADH LOW BASS!

Subwoofer excursion test – mp3 comhad. Test Bass & Subwoofer for your pc & cainteoirí carr.

Play :

Fad: 00:01:42

Ráta Giotán: 128kbps


20 tuairimí

  1. There is smoke coming from my speakers!! ó mo Dhia!

  2. OMFG!!! This is a kick ass test, my hometheatre subwoofer is kind a smoking :D

  3. hi,
    how do i download??? thanks.. hehe

  4. Just tried this on my disco sound system. lol

  5. woah!! where can i get this?!? i totally want to try these on my car subs!!!

  6. My sub + soundcard + this = stuff falling from the walls and my desk (literally)

  7. i want this bass check it is sick

  8. Here’s the mp3 -file. Right-click and save-as.

  9. Bass fuaime mp3, enjoy bass

  10. i called it as vibrator in my room ;]]

  11. how to download these songs?

  12. how to download

  13. what if my sony 12eplod speakers made an wierd sound like a the wordkick” ? are they not good?


    the album this track is from.

    one of many great early 90’s bass albums.

    @oziel; only if they do it all the time. if they do it now and again on the really heavy bass, turn down your bass boost, you’re gonna wreck your speaker :P

  15. holy sht my woofer almost smoking!

  16. byee da way im enjoying dis wabsite………!

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