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Kv2Audio SL3000, the most popular professional audio equipment


KV2Audio is one of the most appreciated manufacturers of professional equipment and not missing from the majority of the world’s prestigious stages. SL3000 is part of the SL KV2Audio products and provides optimum performance when used with SL412 speaker system.

kv2-audio-SL3000 kv2-audio-sl3000-back

Amplifier stage is the super analog components and is ideal solution for enjoying the music scale This product is specifically designed as a control element amplification and speaker system SL and can be mounted in a rack-mount system.

Amplifier gain SL3000 is a 3-way with the following specifications:

-Power The high frequencies – 100-watt, Class AB, push pull, low intermodulation design

-Power Medium frequency – 200-watt, Class AB, push pull, low intermodulation design

-Power Low frequency – 1000-watt, high efficiency, Linear Active Filter

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