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Nauja mikrofonas Neumannas TLM 193, ar garso kokybės

Nauja Neumannas TLM 193 microphone offers a new level of performance in terms of suney and impresses with high technology that incorporates affordable price offered to users. naujas Neumann TLM 193 mikrofonas yra prietaisas su labai mažo vidinio triukšmo dėl transformerless grandinės ir polinis atsakas stabilizavosi.



Nauja TLM 193 has a cardioid polar characteristic, this being possible due to the large aperture that is provided, the microphone can capture and acoustic signals coming from its side without being distorted because of this. Interferences were removed by
Nauja Neumannas TLM 193 microphone will definitely make career in recording studios and will be one of the most popular device the great artists of our time and beyond.

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