Pagrindinis / Bass Test / Žemų dažnių garsiakalbis testas – Didelis Bass (Žemiau 20 Hz)

Žemų dažnių garsiakalbis testas – Didelis Bass (Žemiau 20 Hz)

Žemų dažnių garsiakalbis testas 20 Hz.

Ilgis: 00:01:43

Failo : Žemų dažnių garsiakalbis testas – Didelis Bass (Žemiau 20 Hz).MP3 ~ 1.53 MB

BASS, WOOFER & ŽEMŲ DAŽNIŲ KOLONĖLĖS TESTAS profesionaliam Garso sistemos
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26 komentarai



  3. i want a real test for my bases.

  4. lol das fettzt alles weg

  5. ok full bass

  6. this is awesome my sub is a couch lollots of vibration

  7. who sings that or is just some song, i figured there might bean artist name and album name.

  8. how do you get this on a cd

  9. Shutup Andy Klmp you stupid twat.

  10. man, this is vibration lol
    btw, does any1 knows where can i get these songs? or at least the name of ’em ?

  11. this is great bass test i cant wait to test my 15` kenwood sub..thanks

  12. harika bir muzık ;)

  13. does anyone know where i can download these songs??? without paying for them

  14. HOLY SHIT ! stuff litterally felt off my walls and shelvesnice one !

  15. ok so ive only got these logitecs that are no more than 13watt all together , a 9watt bass booster and 2 watt voice ones, but my mum told me to turn it down from the other side of house lol, and stuff was falling out the shelfs on the computer desk! beast i wanna download lol

  16. oh wahh man wat a gr8 bass

  17. Oh mann !! my creative sub just smshed the windowsosom test

  18. I have 500W subwooferman it’s great :D

  19. Hallo in Germany
    Ich habe 1 Omnitronic DL-215 a1400Watt lautsprecher und bei mir kommen so mega Hamma Bässe
    Meine Note zum Lied :1+ is great

  20. awesome bassi have 15 dollar auvio headphones and they sound better than most systemskick ass bass

  21. cool tunes :D can you make a whole song?? please!!


  23. Cum desc si iop mell ? ? ?

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