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Pioneer SC-LX88, ny AV-forsterker for profesjonelle brukere

Pioneer var, er og vil fortsatt være en av de mest respekterte merkene i audio video og SC-LX88 nye modellen vil bli en referansemodell for brukere som ønsker kvalitetslyd hjemme eller i studio. Pioneer SC-LX88 New lar deg koble ulike signalkilder, from music and movies to the finest sounds recorded in the studio.

Receiver Pioneer SC-LX88 audio video is made from the best electronic components and meet the most stringent standards imposed by Air Studios. Pioneer SC-LX88 AV receiver integrates the latest technology Dolby Surround Atmos allows obtaining a layered dynamic sound.
SC-LX88 has an integrated sound processor clocked 32-bit Ultra Sabre and a Class D amplifier line that allows a power output of over 200W audio to a studio quality and great fidelity.
SC-LX88 In terms of connectivity the USB connection and also allows connection to your iPod or your iPhone but also connect different video sources via HDMI inputs.
SC-LX88 is available in two colors: svart (SC-LX88-K) and silver (SC-LX88-S) and are indispensable in addressing users demanding quality sound processing.

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