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БЕХРИТОНЕ Ц50А Студио монитори


Behringer is one of the most respected brands in the professional audio lines and BEHRITONE C50A is a benchmark for all those who want a quality product that satisfies the most demanding users.
New BEHRITONE C50A is a studio monitor with a high resolution active power of 30W. It is equipped with a special speaker diaphragm which has a frequency response of between 90Hz and 17000Hz.


Loudspeakers in which is mounted speaker is obtained from the processing of MDF and high quality finish. Given the location where these enclosures are mounted besides computer monitors and other electronic equipment sensitive to magnetic fields, BEHRITONE C50A interior shielded by several layers of piano lacquer designed to get great acoustics.
C50 BEHRITONE studio monitor lets you listen to your favorite songs or own compositions from all available audio sources such as car stereos, computers, televisions, иПхоне stations and other audio systems.

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