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ИАСЦА – СПЛ пенала – ССС Басс испитаниј

Bass test for your Logitech sound system.

File name : ANDYS Bass – ИАСЦА SSS Bass Test.mp3

бас такмичење : бит рате 128 kbps / дужина : 00:01:49

eXtreme sound.

Басс, ВУФЕР & Субвоофер Тест за озвучење СИСТЕМА
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23 коментари

  1. my in ear head phones are really good skull candy

  2. Wow, great test! My Logitech 5.1 responds really well at 340, 240,220, 210, 200, but drops off and almost goes indistinguishable at 160. Hmm. Thanks for the test!!!!

  3. pues la verdad se me complico un poco pero ya lo logre

  4. my sony high performance ear phones just scrambled my brain

  5. i have Logitech z-5500 5.1 speakers my sobwoofer played all.
    got any subwoofer testers that go even lower? xD

  6. NICE SITE!!! I have my palm centro hooked up to my car audio, but I can’t follow alot of the links to play or download them! But I do Love this site and will keep bangin!! ((0))

  7. I got to 110 then it was indistinguishible on my Logitech G51 5.1 system

  8. I heard it all the way to 10 :I.
    Im using Turtle beach AK-R8. it has 5.1

  9. Pioneer CS-3070 connected to a VSX-417 play the 40Hz normally, the subwoofer (Pioneer S-W90S) however moves the membrane at full amplitude even at 10Hz :)))

  10. were can i download these so i can take them home and test it?

  11. The voice speaking the frequencies is way off.

  12. Hahaha, my Ultimate Ears super.fi 5 EB did quite good. Who ever said they owned z-5500, I own them too and they struggle to reproduce the reverbs after each thump on from like 80 and lower

  13. My subwoofer boost leftovers enduring and not yet found a test able to overcome ……

  14. Mine went all the way down to 10.

    Using HiFiMan HE-5 headphones with an EF-5 headphone amplifier and an. Audio-GD DAC19DSP. Comes down to £1100 but man is it good. Best sound i’ve ever heard.


  16. i used some altechs bough at about 20.00 whit a jimmy up bass and it went all the way to 10 Hz and my ears killed them self’s
    no prob

  17. i shoved the sound through some altech speaker i bought for 20. 00
    W/ sub then transfered to bigger speaker for sub and it picked up on the 10 hz long story kick ass

  18. WoW My 5.1 speakers Fantastic

    but where i can download this track to test home theater speakers??

  19. Got some new in-ear headphones todaylistening to this made my head vibrate. T-T

  20. Totally Wikked Awesome! I have my Sony MDR v150 headphones hooked up and my 5.1 surround playing it. Honey to my ears and a great way test my hearing too. Gives the old tempanic membrane a good workout. лол!

  21. i suggest.. altec lansing avs 300..good value for money..

  22. 290-250 rattles my whole house :)

  23. То је за преузимање музике??

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