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Пинк буке банд доо (400 Хз до 2.5 кХз)


A new high quality sound check за pink noise (band limited) level calibration.

Пинк буке банд доо (400 Хз до 2.5 кХз)

бит рате: 320kbps
дужина: 00:01.03

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Pink noise is acoustical energy distributed uniformly by octave throughout the audio spectrum (the range of human hearing, approximately 20 Хз до 20 kHz). Most people perceive pink noise as having uniform spectral power densitythe same apparent loudness at all frequencies. In pink noise, the total sound power in each octave is the same as the total sound power in the octave immediately above or below it. An octave is a band whose highest frequency is exactly twice its lowest frequency.

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