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Marantz HD-DAC1 slušalice pojačalo

Novi model HD-DAC1 od MARANTZ, je jedan od najboljih audio slušalica pojačala na tržištu, idealan za zahtjevne korisnike koji daje zvuk na najvišim standardima.
HD-DAC1 koristi visoko kvalitetne komponente i omogućuje korisniku s velikim zvukom, kao i sve serije proizvoda iz MARANTZ. Marantz is a guarantor of quality in the audio and provides the customer the latest and best performance in terms of sound quality.
The HD-DAC1 can provide are high quality headphone with impedance up to 600 ohm sound source can be connected to echimpament coaxial cable, optical cable or USB from your computer. The USB port on the front panel can connect different audio sources iPods or MP3 players.The new HD-DAC1 can be used as a pre-amplifier for an active speaker system or even power speakers.To eliminate frequency noise due to source from PC USB input jack is extra insulated and allows high quality sound input when using audio from a PC source.
The case is well-finished aluminum and circular display ensure air quality vintage and a feeling carried to the extreme.
For more connectivity we have also included an analog input. USB-B operates in asynchronous mode to support not only the 192 kHz / 24bits high-resolution audio, but also 2.8MHz and 5.6MHz DSD for maximized performance and the most direct way to enjoy excellent quality.
The user will appreciate the new audio equipment and get the best conditions for listening enjoyment at home or in a recording studio.

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