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MDJ-100 od Pro Audio

MDJ-1000 is one of the most popular products in the portfolio Pro audio designed a media player that should not miss on any DJ booth. zaslon u boji pružaju u stvarnom vremenu vizualizaciju spektra i drugih funkcija u interpretaciji sastava, ritam, vrijeme, useful information about the song and the possibility of synchronization and diverse blend of music MediaPlayer Gemini MDJ-1000 includes among functions and sleep mode Loops.


Gemini MDJ-1000 focuses on ease of use; enable a USB stick 1 do 4 sharing music between users, allowing lao LAN connection. You can connect up to 4 MDJ-1000 through SYNC function that enables synchronization slow tempos of input sources.

In conclusion MDJ-1000 Pro Audio equipment is highly appreciated by users and can be used not only in club but also in studios

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