Subwoofera i bas Test: Profesionalna audio pojačalo

Snažan NAD T977 pojačala

If you love action movie with surround-sound or live concerts, this is possible with immersive soundfield of the NAD T 977. The T 977 is a powerful amplifier and is ready to respond instantly to any theatrical content demandor musical demand too, and for that he keep doing

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Harman Kardon HK990 moćno pojačalo 2x150W

Very simple, beautiful and powerful is Harman Kardon HK990. He is a classic two-channel amplifier fully integrated with EzSet/EQ II alignment. Popis značajki: Amplifiers with high-current capability and two 150-watt-per-channel Real-Time Linear Smoothing Auto calibration from EzSet/EQ Smooth system connection with high-resolution synchronization Minimal signal disruption Flexible connectivity Dual

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